Cruising Division Safety Requirements

Safety is our first priority at MYC.

Safety Equipment

All vessels participating in MYC Cruising Division events must meet the appropriate Sailing Australia safety category for the intended voyage.

In addition to the Sailing Australia requirements, all MYC Cruising Division vessels must have an AIS Class B Transponder, An HF Radio, a drogue and a dinghy for going ashore at Cruising Division events.

Sailing Skills & Training

All Cruising Division Skippers must have sufficient sailing, navigation knowledge and boat handling skills to safely participate in MYC Cruising Division events.

If you do not yet have the necessary skills, MYC can arrange professional sail training through accredited third party sailing schools at a reasonable cost. This training can be conducted on your own vessel if you prefer.

Some basic training to assist your understanding of weather forecasts, radio operation, use of emergency MOB equipment, MOB retrieval methods, passage planning including bar crossings, anchoring, tide calculations and actions to take when exposed to extreme weather will be offered by Cruising Division volunteers at a nominal cost charged by the club.

Please contact Cruising Division Captain Barry Barnes on 0418 243 042 or for more details!