MYC 50th anniversary, a SCOR ditty to enjoy

  • 13/02/2017

MYC 50th Anniversary – Yer Wouldn’t Want to know it !!   (With apologies to Banjo Patterson and C.J. Dennis)

There was movement round the clubhouse,

A race notice was around

To say SCOR was upon us, prices to a thousand pound

So all the nation’s gun yachts, Elliot Davo’s fans they say

Had paid their nominations and had gathered for the fray

For the yachties love hard racing especially during SCOR

They also love our Fourex – of barman give ‘em more


So I somehow rather fancied

That I’d like to take my chances

If Les and Bab and Sarge would have a go,

We would hoist the sales an spinnaker and

Get the sheets on tight

And pray that favoured winds would start to blow


So we raced the first and won it,

But at the second one they done it

“disqualified” they shouted because yer finished wrong

Then we went into a huddle to try to solve this trouble

Red flags blue books and cheques all brought along

After protests loud and long they listened to our song

For we’d quoted chapter, verse,

Until their decision was reversed

And we were reinstated back where we belong


Next Old Huey let us know

Just how he could make it blow

I’ll give the yachties what for, so he said

So we pondered should we oughter with

Just nineteen feet at water

And our legs and arms felt like the weight of lead


Then the skipper gave his orders,

We’ll adjourn into the bar

Where the best and boldest sailors take their place

Not just because it was blowing

That we didn’t make a showing

For on that day our Les was seventy-two

There were lots of years between us two

Fifty-five in fact

Which made the bar scene all the more “the go”

Of course we would now holler ‘bout the DNS to follow

But determined that next race we’ll surely show


But again they tried to break us

Using disqual points to chase us

From the winning scene – just as they did in race two

The party haze had melted,

The score sheet figures scanned

And a howl of abuse was pelted

At the committee in the stand

They seemed determ’d to do us,

Yer’d think that is was planned


But they pledged to check and show

How the points should really go

When committee had more time and

Of other matters they were rid

We didn’t think they’d do it – but they did !!!


By seconds we won the last from Nirvana going fast

Escondido and the other going well

“we just might do it, get a place” Les said “my word”

There was less than one point in it

AND you beaut overall we are third !!


Good luck to Nirvana, she had sailed so well and wow

A party then to sleep and then the fun

To the big marquee we go

For the presentation and the show

And all is fine and everything is great

Looking forward to the scene and all the go


Well- you wouldn’t want to know it

But once more they go and blow it

It’s not us wot gets the trophy we were told

But the Menace, a red boat we’d beaten cold

Not another blue ??? we can’t believe it but it’s true

It can’t be us that are the ones too old !!!


So that’s our Clayton’s SCOR

And though we all enjoyed it

There’s still no doubt that we feel a little sore

But we’ll keep believing in you

And trust you’ll keep a venue

For older blokes like Sarge, Les, Bob and me

And we’ll race again next SCOR in Witchetty.