World on Water, May 12, Sailing News TV Show

  • 13/05/2017

Palma Vela Wally and Swan 50’s, AC Report Wheels and Pedals, PAC 52, MC 38, VOR 65 #8, Foiling Laser, AC Defender Rolls Over – AGAIN! Problems Here?

In this weeks’ WoW Palma Vela with the beautiful Wally’s and Swan 50 was held on the Bay of Palma, Spain, Nathan Outteridge explains “Flight Controls” and like the steering wheel of the high tech Formula 1 Racing Cars his wheel on Artemis Racings’ AC 50 has 20 control buttons plus he has Foot Pedals. He’s one busy pilot as he still has to sail and beat his opposition.
On ETNZ it’s all about Pedal Power” and we look at the training of the “Biker/Sailors”, the new PAC 52’s have their first races, MC 38 Winter Regatta Act #1 Pittwater, wooden mast repairs explained, WoW VOR Report building Boat #8, a foiling Laser in the UK and the defender of the Americas Cup does it again, I lies down not hurting anybody. Can they fix the obvious problem in time to stay upright and get round the course?
We’ll see soon as the Louis Vuitton series is only days away from starting.
Another huge week around the globe in the sport of Sailing and it’s all here in “World on Water” Global Sailing News Show.