I haven’t sailed a lot before. How can I learn about tides, bar crossings, anchoring, navigation and what to do if I find myself in rough conditions?

Assistance and guidance is always available free of charge from the Cruising Division. Professional training is also available at a reasonable cost for Cruising Division members!

I like the idea of joining the Cruising Division but must I commit to all of the activities?

You are free to join us for just the cruises you are interested in and you can shorten your voyage or do your own thing as you wish!

I have some questions not listed here. Who can I contact?

Please call Division Captain Barry Barnes on 0418 243 042 or email Barry at bb@stcw95.net

I’m convinced! How do I join up?

Contact Barry Barnes (details above).

To join the Cruising Division at least the Skipper must become a full voting member of MYC.  The cost for a Cruising Division Skipper and Partner is $290 for Family membership including children up to 18 years of age (one vote only). Otherwise the cost of full membership for the Skipper alone is $260. Deduct $77 if you are currently affiliated with Australian Sailing through another club! Both the Skipper and Partner can join as full voting members and we ask that all regular adult non-family regular crew join at least as Social Members for $50 (no vote). Here is a link to the membership application form.